guzskillz asked:

You're awesome bro. I wish I was as good as you. :(


I had a visitor last week.

He said he was from the past. 10 years away. It was me, and he said the exact same thing to me and I told him “You’ll get to my level one day”.

Then last Sunday, I traveled to the future and I met my future self and he was wayyyyy too good. Started feeling like you are now. I sighed longingly and afterwards, told him, “I wish I was as good as you.” He replied, “I oughta’ slap you. You know better than that.”

Long story short, keep drawing and practicing and then you’ll have to deal with your past and future self as well. 

I’m not just telling you this story to prove a point. This actually happened. 


IT’S REAL. O___________O